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Welcome to Stonehenge Tours

If you are only going to Stonehenge once in your lifetime then take the best tour. Most other tours are ¾ - 1 hour visit using the audio tour provided with your entrance fee. It leaves many people wanting more.
There is one tour that shows you the landscape around the stones and helps to explain their purpose. They even have tours to Stonehenge after it is closed to the public!

Logo Salisbury & Stonehenge Guided ToursThis tour will give you time to experience Stonehenge rather than just take a tour. Lasting 4 – 5 hours this tour will take you through 11,000 years of British history. Scheduled tours take place throughout the year. Tours cost £98 each.

Tours to Stonehenge outside of these months can also be arranged, but are more expensive.

According to independent reviews the best tour going to Stonehenge. See Trip Advisor for details.   


Last updated: Thursday, December 17, 2015

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