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Ancient Britain Tours

Salisbury, Stonehenge & Avebury
Small Group Tours from London 139

Stonehenge & Bath
Daily departures from London Only 59 - includes all entrances

Welcome to Stonehenge Tours

You want to see take a tour to Stonehenge, but there's a lot to choose from.Let us help you through that maze.

We know all the tours that go to Stonehenge and they vary not only in quality, but price for exactly the same tour.Paying a lot more does not not always guarantee you the best.There are 3 types of

Stonehenge Tours

Best - for connoiseurs who want to experience Stonehenge as well as visit it.

Good Value - these Stonehenge tours give you about 1 hour at Stonehenge using the audio tour. You then visit between 1 - 4 other places. Prices vary and we highlight the best and the ones to be wary of.

Cheap - the cheapest way to get to take a trip to Stonehenge other than walking there!

We also have a section for the independent traveller. Often seen as the cheapest way to tour, but from London it isn't necessarily, though it does give you ultimate control.

We also have the best of the tours inside the stones when they are closed to the public! Stonehenge Special Access dates available in 2017 & early 2018. This is a comprehensive list of all special access dates to the inner circle in a handy calendar format. They book out early!

If you want a brief history of Stonehenge have a look at our About Stonehenge page

Choice of cruise transfer tours to Stonehenge

Then have a browse through our Stonehenge tours!

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